Beyond Case Closed:

From Making Sense to Building Resilience

An on-going project by Winnie Yoe

An on-going project by Winnie Yoe

A series of creative projects driven by my experience filing a Title IX complaint and reflecting on the limitations of procedural measures in seeking social justice.

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01. Because It Also Happened

A 32 page hand-sewn picture book

Created shortly after the Office of Civil Rights decided to open an investigation. I felt the need to craft my own narrative when authorities and others around me denied my experience, and back then, this was the only way I could make sense of and recount my story.

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Handmade version available on request

02. OCR 01-15-2179

An interactive installation to materialize a boundary line

Excerpts from a confrontation letter addressed to the person I filed a complaint against is laser etched in decreasing font size. If the audience crosses the line (projected on the floor) to read the text, the light flickers and turn off. When they step back, the light turns back on. The time they last crossed the line is printed on the LCD display, which is also recorded on a SD card I collect at the end of the day.

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03. 2020 US Top Colleges By Open Title IX Investigations

A web-based resource guide

A web project with map visualization, dynamic updates, and real-time database to inform survivor and advocates about Title IX investigations and to fill in missing data to acknowledge lived experiences. Presented in the form of U.S. College ranking websites to add a satricial overtone. Created with the goal to tell stories around data by centering around people.

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These projects would not have been possible without the generous help and support from Mimi Onuoha, Clay Shirky
, Marina Zurkow, Genevieve Hoffman,
 David Rios, Nicholas Hubbard, Roopa Vasudevan, Alison Cornyn, Susan Jacobson,
Sejo Vega-Cebrián, Sukanya Aneja
, Mark Lam
, Vince Shao
, Jaekook Han, Emily Lin, Hannah Tardie, Sid Chou, Hayk Mikayelyan, Karina Hyland, Aidan Nelson, Ellen Nickles, Alden Jones, Luca Molnar, Stacey Derosier, Louis Wheatley and Céline Lastennet.