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Tracing History through Street Names

Same street.

5,977 miles apart.

The naming of streets and roads is rarely arbitrary, in fact, it often embeds hints of a place’s local history. Many of the street names in Hong Kong reflects its colonial past (1800s — 1997), with streets being named after British royal family and officials, Chinese and expatriate elites in Hong Kong, local and foreign enterprises, while others are named after industries, historical sites, and Chinese cities and provinces. Explore H.K. vs U.K. Streets

This has led to streets in Hong Kong and the UK sharing the same name. The translation of streetnames has also led to accidental namings, such as how “Alexandra Terrace” became “Rednaxela Terrace” as Chinese is usually read from left to right. History of Some H.K. Street Names

Stories Behind Street Naming

Example: The Queens in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

United Kingdom