Confronting Counternarratives

Since August 2019, the Hong Kong Police Force has been conducting press-briefings to address events pertaining to the Anti-Extradition Amendment Bill protest. Interpreting Hong Kong Police’s Narratives stems out of the interest in using computational approaches and participatory approaches to dissect process pro-establishment narratives.



I scraped the automatic captions from 120+ Hong Kong police press conference videos, which were uploaded on YouTube by Chinese state-owned English language news channels with an English simultaneous interpretation, to generated a 627-page transcript. The most frequently used 300+ words are then used as the source text.

The visual format is a reference to the popular fridge poetry kit Magnetic Poetry. You can create your interpretation of the police’s narrative, reveal your version of truth, or even “receive" an apology.


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Created by Winnie Yoe (Part of an on-going research project) Special Thanks: Sukanya Aneja, Mark Lam, Rui An